About us

Twenty years ago, on the shores of Como Lake, we founded C.C. & Co SRL, a small company made up of a group of close-knit professionals and former colleagues who, using their experience in the textile industry, have been producing men's accessory collections for international brands for years. In the spring of 2020, in the wake of a constantly evolving world, we wanted to get closer to the consumer by going from suppliers to protagonists, creating our own line that reflects the principles and values in which we believe: quality, sustainability, practicality and good taste even in the most daring combinations. This is how Slowconcept was born, intended as a "rediscovery of slow rhythms" that privileges quality rather than fast fashion, where the product is designed to last over time, made with noble materials worked by expert craftsmen. Slowconcept is aimed at a careful and responsible consumer who appreciates not only the originality but also the mode of production.

Our Location

The background and inspiration for our products is the scenicComo Lake, with its villas and gardens, its shores bathed by emeraldwaters reflecting green slopes. The history of Como has been intertwined with silk production since 1400, first with the cultivation of mulberry trees and then with industrial production since 1840. Weaving mills, dyeing plants, printing works still present in the territory, tell an ancient “know-how” that is transported in time. The quality of the raw material and not only of the silk is in our DNA and the originality of the Made in Italy is our flag.

Our Mission

The goal we set ourselves is to provide a service attentive to the needs of the consumer, sharing sustainable choices for the environment and people. We have shortened the production chain, to allow us to produce slowly, but to send quickly at home, or at work, a desire for themselves or a loved one, well packaged, with attention to detail, handcrafted, created with taste for those who want to stand out or amaze with a gift that is never trivial.

Elena Bonini


Adriano Lentini



Colorist and Product Developer


Colorist and Product Developer


Fabric designer

Slowconcept is slow fashion: care, quality, sustainability

From the experience gained by a group of close-knit former colleagues, professionals in the textile industry, C.C. & Co SRL was born in 2000. The small company on the shores of Lake Como for years has dealt with the production of men's accessories collections for exclusive international brands.

Strengthened by the skills we have acquired, passionate about the sector and aware of the continuous evolution of the market, after twenty years of activity we have decided to carve out a new role for ourselves. So, from suppliers and third party producers, we have become protagonists: in the spring of 2020, we created an original line able to reflect and enhance the production philosophy that has always characterized our work.

Quality, sustainability, practicality and good taste are the values in which we believe and the pillars on which Slowconcept's activity has always been structured. In opposition to fast fashion that works at a frantic pace to offer garments that are consumed just as quickly, Slowconcept offers products that are made to last. A rediscovery of slow rhythms that privileges the quality and care of each model: from the selection of the noblest natural materials to the workmanship carried out by expert artisans, quality cannot be rushed.